September 15th, 2016

Beware: rachVerity

Update Nov-16-2016: rach failed to pay the invoice. When this was pointed out the answer was not acceptable ( Basically "I've got plenty of people asking, you'll get your turn."

And somehow I'm now the bad person (

WHO: rachVerity


WHAT: $200 (Split $125 me/$75 Fischer) Art bundle to assist rach when her PC died. Bundle included a reference sheet and three pieces of digital art.

WHEN: May 15th, 2014

PROOF: Paypal payment:
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Beware: Onnanoko


WHAT: $100 'Full Color' Piece

WHEN: May 13, 2016


EXPLAIN: I commissioned Onnanoko, in person, at BLFC in May of 2016. Since then she has not reached out at all. I have emailed four times with no reply. The payment was made using my debit card, in person, not PayPal. The reason for the two purchases is because, at first, she did not charge me for the right type of commission ($80). We then ran another $20 transaction to meet the proper $100 amount.