August 24th, 2016

  • ikuwoo

Beware: Jaykuma / DatPisces

WHO: Jaykuma / DatPisces


WHAT: An art trade

WHEN: 4 months ago we started talking, 3 months ago scheduled it to be 2 months ago, told today it was cancelled after doing part of mine and being ignored for two months

PROOF: Agreement on the trade: and NSFW My completed work of the trade (about half of my part asked for) NSFW Their cancellation

EXPLAIN: Jaykuma on deviantart/DatPisces on Furaffinity had agreed to an art trade with me 4 months ago. They said we'd need to schedule it to be a month later. Fast forward a month and they say they're starting their half tomorrow at 2am Est. So we work out the specifics and I start working on my half of the trade. NSFW

After a few days I contact them again with what I had finished (NSFW at which point they let me know that they haven't started but they'll be done with the first part by the end of the week (because they started playing Overwatch

I figure alright, I'll be patient. I wait 3-4 weeks and hear nothing back from them so I send a note saying it's been a while and asking if they're still active. They read it but don't reply. A couple of weeks later I send another note asking if they forgot to reply or is something up. They don't bother opening the message. After another month of them ignoring me I decide to message their DA account asking if they could get back to me on FA. They reply saying sorry but they need to cancel the trade because "I've been busy with patreon stuff".

Normally I don't care if a trade gets cancelled, stuff happens. However the "starting soon!" followed by being ignored for two months then cancelled after I already did the first half of my part so that they could play videogames is incredibly rude, especially since this was scheduled a month in advance followed by two additional months.

EDIT 1: As comments here suggested I let Jaykuma/DatPisces know that they can pay me for the part I've done and asked if they'd do so. They decided to not answer the question and called my persistence in being compensated "annoying" and fed me a BS sob story.

In the 1-2 months before our scheduled start of the trade right up to the day they said they'd start there was zero mention of time problems. The only time this was mentioned as a problem is the moment he owed me art and it's an outright lie as right as we started the trade he spent over 100 hours playing Overwatch during that month alone.

I sent another message asking again if they'd compensate me and it is currently being ignored. I know he's seen the message too which is immensely frustrating. At this point I'm done dealing with them and all I can really do is hope others read this before being treated like I have.