August 5th, 2016

Patreon Bailer

WHO: DraconicIrish (Deviantart, Twitter, Tumblr, Patreon) was the offending account. (Though they've pretty much abaondoned that username by now.)

She jumps to a new account very frequently, so I'm listing these as well: CrazyBitterSweet, CoffePink, NocturnalHours, SweetOaths, CrimsonTeaWitch, ButterCrunchies, LazyBitter, Cerieas, AngelicThought, CatalystCrystals, TheLazyDragon, Aysume, stubbornquill

WHERE: The Patreon account that she pledged to me from.

WHAT: Declined Patreon pledge.

WHEN: Started on July 29th 2016, still ongoing.
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I'm not expecting her to pay, though I do care about sharing this information. She not only did this to me, but also to a friend of mine. (Pledging 10$ on their Patreon and bailing as well.) I'm concerned this behavior could be repeated.

UPDATE: She responded, after I replied to her alternate account that I knew it was her. No payments have been made yet though.

Messages: and

UPDATE #2: Says she'll pay me Monday. I'll update again if/when that happens.

Message (read bottom to top):

UPDATE #3: (Aug 17) I've been paid. This can be marked as resolved. Please note that she has a new username: EmbersTea