June 18th, 2016


What to do about Artist Refusing to Ship Badge Due to Being Stuck at Work While Post Office is Open

A few months ago I commissioned an artist to do a badge for me. A very simple name badge on a reusable template in a way. I commissioned the Artist in Early March to be mailed after TFF. The badge was not shipped right after TFF so I asked the artist again and she told me it was now gonna be shipped after FWA. Just days before I was set to go to Wild Nights. I asked the artist again if the badge was ever shipped. She claimed it was shipped April 18th. The problem there was I never got the badge so I asked for a tracking number to see what happened to the badge. She didn't have a tracking number so I am guessing the artist never shipped it or it got lost in the mail. In early May I talked to the artist about this and she promised me to send a replacement copy in the mail and I would get a digital copy because I have not seen how the badge turned out. Finally after some back and forth talking and reminders I finally got a digital copy of my badge in mid-May with the promise and getting my actual badge sent in the mail ASAP. A few more weeks passed and I ask about when will she ship the badge to me. She is now giving me the excuse that she is always at work when the post office is open and does not have a chance to ship the badge. My patience has ran out on this issue and I want the Actual Copy of the badge mailed to me.

So what I paid for it was $10+$5 Shipping. The order is past the 45 day PayPal Dispute Limit so I can't dispute and buyer protection does not cover intangible items. She continues to take comissions as of this moment.

I am not ready to reveal the name of the problem artist as of yet.

So what do I need to do about this issue?