June 4th, 2016


Advice: pricing ad-ons, versions of commissions and other complexities

(Not sure if this needs an adult rating or not, I mention fetishes but try to keep the details out. I haven't been on Live Journal or artist-beware in years so if I have faux pas I appologize in advance...)

It seems that no matter how detailed I lay out my commission information or TOS someone comes along wanting to do something complicated and I wondered how others would price in that situation.

Recent examples include a repeating customer asking me to do a character sheet, but then wants me to draw their character in extra poses performing just about every fetish they have... the last time all the extra work priced them out of wanting to pay for the commission, which sucks of course but the last commission would be seriously under priced for the amount of work I'd be doing.
Other commission kind of ended up going the same route because the customer wanted me to lay out a character so complex that they were going to require five different pages to completely explain. I wish I was making this up...

And now a new commission I'd like to keep is a comic, but the customer wants to do versions of pages. And by that I mean they want charcters to be female in one page then male in another, for example, plus different fetishy adult things I don't feel I need to detail.

But how do I price something like that? Changing the sex of characters sounds like a small detail but can portientially mean redrawing several panels in the comic... but I don't want to scare away customers with inflated prices due to all the extra work. I'm hoping I can arrange to maybe doing one version of the comic to start off with, then do the edits later so that the work-load and price at least gets evened out by time.

But yeah, what do? Also, any way to attract perhaps simipler commissions? Like single ones? Beause I'm getting hit hard with the complexity stick lately. Some may be trying to get extra work for basic commission prices maybe, but others I know don't do it on purpose.