May 9th, 2016

Artist Beware: ManlyBug / Bentspoons

WHO: ManlyBug (Old DA) / BentSpoons (Current)

WHERE: (Account transaction started on) / (Current)

WHAT: Extra Art bought during a character auction worth $55

WHEN: Originally bought on July 20th, 2014.

Info on Adopt & Extra Art Milestones promised:
Proof of amount & winning:
Payment note:
PayPal Stub:
1st Note from original account:
1st Note on new account:
2nd Note (never responded to):
3rd Note:

EXPLAIN: On July 20th of 2014 I sent the user Manlybug payment for the adopt they made and since I paid $55 I would get the benefit of getting the milestone art along with the adopt. I usually give quite a bit of time with waiting on art since I knew there was quite a bit of work to be done. They continued to post art and a lot of PARPG stuff instead of the owed work they owed to me (but I digress). I finally sent the first note on October 4th of 2014 asking what was up and they told me that they had lost their tablet pen. I gave them the benefit of a doubt and let it go. The next time I got in contact with them was 9 months later (July 2nd 0f 2015) but in the note they explained that they got hacked and couldn't access their old account and I had to scour deviantart to find them again through commissions they ordered from an artist I watch. Again I let it slide though I really regret not pushing some more. They never bothered to keep in contact with me and continued to post art on a regular basis and not any art they owed to me. I had sent them another note February 11th of 2016 but never got a reply to that note though it was read. I waited a month before sending another note and they told me there was a death in the family. I let it slide since I'm a very forgiving person. I am very tired of almost waiting two years on this and it honestly should not be like this but maybe this can bring awareness to the user who has not kept their end of the deal even though I have been more than forgiving with how long this has taken.

EDIT: As of May 19th, 2016 I have sent them another note concerning my owed art
EDIT 2: As of May 26th, 2016 they have continued to post art and journals without reading my note at all or responding to it
Edit 3: Updated links since I hate dropdox, I also got one of the 3 owed pieces of art finally (they posted it on a side account instead of their main) after I left a comment on their page asking them to check their notes