April 4th, 2016

Commissioner Beware: ShadowTheFox2

WHO: Commissioner https://twitter.com/ShadowTheFox2 / http://www.twitter.com/ADshadowfox “Shadow”

WHERE: Google Docs form & Messages exchanged via email & twitter DMs

WHAT: Digital ¾ soft shaded badge, single sided printed, laminated & shipped 1st class usps, plus a rush fee to be bumped to the front of my queue

WHEN: November 2015

PROOF: Story and Screen caps provided in chronological order after the break. It is a unique case of eCheck failure via paypal even though the invoice was clearly marked in paypal as Paid... Yet it wasn't when I cross referenced it with my active balance.
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EXPLAIN: Tl;Dr: I’ve been strung along since November 2015 for a rushed badge that when we both thought it was paid, I come to find out it was not. Customer confirms it was paid and then says, after speaking with his bank, that it was not. I confirm this only after viewing the details transaction log in my paypal, and contacting paypal over the phone myself, to reveal and confirm that the invoice stating it was paid, come to find out it was actually not. Was given excuse after excuse and the client still continued to use the unpaid art, even going as far as using it as a reference to try and get free art from other artists. I’ve let this slide long enough. He hasn’t paid me and I don’t foresee him ever paying me. I held off on writing an AB for this long as the $41.25 for the badge was clearly not worth this headache plus the time dealing with him over and over again trying to be paid for work I already did and now having to write out this beware. It is a unique case in the fact that the Invoice clearly states it was PAID, but proper precautions were not taken by checking my detailed log to verify this. Since then, I have never accecpted echecks due to paypals faulty system in marking invoices as paid even after banks decline a transaction. Do not waste your time with this individuals business proposals. I will update this AB entry should he ever decide to pay me for my time.