January 21st, 2016

department of insanitation

Question: how long is too long?

I'm very reluctant to post a beware on this artist, but I'm getting to a point where I'm afraid I'll have no choice.

Back in September I messaged an artist I admired about a colored sketch page, paid the $20 up front, and waited. I acknowledged the fact that she mentioned she was slow on her FA page, but I'd had a previous good experience while she was running a sale -- fast turnaround time for a very cute themed sketch of my character. However, this hasn't been the case this time.

I've been noting her on an intermittent basis to request updates, and she keeps telling me she ought to have updates for me "soon" -- yet has never followed up. Sales get posted, and those always seem to take priority. There are two things that keep eating at me, though.

Her last note was basically to tell me that she had a hangover and she'd get back to me the next day; that was on New Year's Day. Additionally, she posted a journal where she mentioned that her resolution was to have all commissions in her backlog done by the 18th of January...well, it's the 21st and I still haven't had a single update nor a WIP in the four months that I've been waiting.

I really, really hate to write a beware as she's been nothing but kind in her interactions with me and I'd had a very positive experience with her in the past, but I've never dealt with a situation like this before. I'm a very patient person and I don't mind waiting, but I'd appreciate an open line of communication in case something has come up!

My question now is if there's anything I can do besides just noting? At this point I'm more than sure the Paypal window has passed, and I'd rather just have the art.

UPDATE 02/01: Thank y'all so much for your advice! I gave her another poke, but this time I made sure to ask directly if she had any WIPs or an idea of where I was at in her queue.

I'm supposed to be getting a WIP by Tuesday and the finished product by Saturday, so fingers crossed. Thank you guys again, I'll continue to update this entry!