January 14th, 2016

Beware of jemylover/Renee Moonveil/Rei Moonveil/Reneeisdetermined (Resolved)

Where: Her abandoned Deviantart, Her current Deviantart, her Furaffinity, Her Inkbunny.

What: An idea of color palette on my original character

When: Around September 2015

Proof: I ask my friend to use my money to send to her.

Explain: I commish to her based from this journal (in case of hide/ delete her evidence, check here), it was suppose to be full color commish, but then this conversation coming, not only block me at Deviantart, and block me at Skype afterward. I use PayPal reminder, but she keeps rejecting it.

EDIT 1: When I saw this, I knew that she have enough money to refund to me, but no, she reject at PayPal.

EDIT 2: Though it was unsatisfied, she's refund 20 USD along with the lineart to me. At this point this situation is resolved.