November 30th, 2015

Koontz/Cirice (Furcadia), vveak (DA)

WHO: Koontz / Cirice on Furcadia, vveak on DA

WHERE: (Most commission discussion occurred on Furcadia though, an old MMO)

WHAT: Koontz commissioned me for a 95x95 digital pixel "portrait", which is the term for a player's icon on the game Furcadia.

WHEN: First contact happened September 8th, 2015; I provided several WIPs between then and the time when I sent her the finished portrait, which was on November 24th, 2015 (I went to America for a month in between and didn't have access to the file).

PROOF: (1) First Contact / (2) Commission info provided to me in a DA note / (3) WIPs sent and some payment discussion / (4) Final portrait sent, she tries to change payment method and then refuses to pay / (5) Screenshot of Furcadia's "whisper" window format with my final message (to help explain why I can't provide more legit-looking screenshots) / (6) My DA upload of the final commission (warning: cannabis leaf) / (7) She comments on my DA upload of her art repeating her refusal, and I repeat my message to her as well / (8) Proof she blocked me on DA / (9) Furcadia's User Agreement to explain why I can't share her "whispers" to me and have to summarize (rule 16)

EXPLAIN: Collapse )

I know that it's only $5, but I don't want other artists to do work for her and end up not receiving payment. This has definitely been a learning experience for me as it was the first time I've had any problems with a commissioner and I made a lot of errors here in the way I did business with her. I will be requiring payment before the work is completed now and I will be more careful and professional in my messages, plus if I accept commissions again (which I may not, this was a very unpleasant experience for me as I have anxiety issues) I will be writing a TOS and raising my rates so that I'm receiving a fair wage and not cents on the hour. In the end though, I feel like her opinion on my "attitude" in the way I asked for payment is irrelevant to our business transaction and doesn't entitle her to refuse to pay.

I'll update as resolved if she comes through, and if she is reading this and would like to come in and provide her side (or corroborate her whispers since I had to summarize, that would certainly be helpful) she is of course welcomed.

EDIT: I received the 5GD from Koontz this morning, along with an apology. As far as I'm aware we are leaving on (mostly) good terms and I consider this resolved. Could the mods mark it as such please? Thank you!