November 13th, 2015

Candykittycat ignoring notes about trade

WHO: candykittycat


WHAT: Character trade. Two of my characters for one of hers plus some art from her.
WHEN: Trade first initiated/finalized July 29th-30th. TH note asking for an update sent October 8th, never opened/responded to. First FA note asking for an update sent October 27th, also never opened/responded to. Left a public shout on her page asking for her to get back to me November 5th. Note requesting the trade cancelled/dropped November 9th.

PROOF: Conversation regarding the trade: X(read from the bottom up)
First and second FA notes showing they haven't been opened/read: X
Details of the notes: X - X
Shout on her page: X

EXPLAIN: Candy sent me a message on Toyhouse regarding two characters I had up for trade. We agreed to trade my two for one character of hers plus some art of other characters I had. She said she would have it done within a day or two, and after that I never heard anything else about it. I admittedly forgot about it for a while, then noted her on TH to ask about an update in case she too might have forgotten. The note was never opened and I don't believe she's been on TH since. I decided to note her on FA since she was far more active there, but so far none of my messages have been responded to or even read. She was active with favorites, posting and commenting during the time between my two notes, so I'm not sure if somehow they were just 'eaten' or if I'm being blatantly ignored.

Update 1-19: Candy has 'returned' and begun completing/posting art again but still has yet to even read my notes regarding the trade. The characters in question have still not been removed from her Toyhouse although they have been sold to a new owner.

Update: 1-23: Candy finally answered my note, apologized and removed the characters from her Toyhouse. I consider this resolved for the most part.