November 12th, 2015

Bear hat

FA: Keryu / FA: waterdogwharf

Time: 2015-11-12 22:31
Subject: FA: Keryu / FA: waterdogwharf
Text: Who: Keryu on FA
What:Commission for fursuit head foam base.
When:Initial contact with builder in 6/2014 via email (user has allegedly disabled FA notes)

Click links for screen caps:

51% Initial paypal payment 6/21/2014
materials shipped to builder 7/21/2014, receipt confirmed by builder 8/6/2014
balance requested by builder on 8/26/2014, alluding to late fees
balance paid in full 8/27/2014
Status requested 11/18/2014 - no response from builder
Builder posts card on trello, no updates since 11/27/2014
Status requested 6/3/2015 - no response from builder
Status requested 8/26/2015 - no response from builder
Status requested 9/17/2015 - no response from builder
Status requested 10/24/2015 - no response from builder

Builder continues to be unresponsive to emails sent to both email addresses published on FA. Builder opened for new commissions 3 weeks ago and is running banner ads on FA for new commissions. Last email received from builder regarding commission was 10/11/2014. I still want the completed commission but the builder will not respond to any emails. Contacting paypal to dispute transaction and obviously posting here to warn any others who may be considering getting anything from this builder.

Screen captures of trello status card and FA journals showing opening for new commissions:

As of 11/13/2015 the builder contacted me and we are making arrangements for a refund and to have the materials I sent returned to me.
As of 11/18/2015 the builder has sent the full amount of the commission back to my paypal account.
On 11/23/2015 the materials I sent out were returned and the paypal money has posted to my account.

I am disappointed the builder did not complete the work, but after waiting more than a year for less than 8 hours of work I had waited long enough. Thanks to the help of this forum I got the issue resolved.

If you plan on commissioning this builder in the future I suggest you write up an airtight scope of work with a mutually agreed upon delivery schedule before you send any money.