November 9th, 2015

DaisyDook/Gypsies never finished her part of an art trade, won't respond to me despite being active

WHO: DaisyDuke on Weasyl, Gypsies on FA


WHAT: Art trade

WHEN: March of 2014. This was back when I still went under the name "IndigoTheFennec."

PROOF: - Beginning of initial conversation. The next several messages were just planning out what was to be done, what I would draw, etc. Dialog began 7 March 2014 - My finished part of the art trade. Finished and posted 18 May. - I messaged her on 1 July asking her if she'd done her part. Dialog 1-2 July. This is the last she has responded to me. - Message sent on 14 July of this year. Well over a year later, I still had not gotten a response, no art, nothing. I did my best to be understanding, but I got no response whatsoever despite being very polite. - Shout I left on her page, today on 9 November. I would not be surprised if she deletes it.

EXPLAIN: I approached DaisyDook well over a year ago for an art trade. She accepted, and while I did my part and delivered, she didn't. Despite promising that her half would "be up shortly," she never delivered and dropped contact mid-2014. She still remains active on FA, drawing, even doing trades, YCHs, and gifts for others.

Look, I get it. Life gets ahead of people, and it's not like this was a commission she skipped out on. However, skipping town with the art I put my effort into and giving nothing in return, while offering no explanation, burns me up inside. I want answers, and I want this to be put to rest.