November 8th, 2015

Gunmouth - 1 char sketch, MFF con commission

WHO: Gunmouth on FurAffinity

WHERE/WHEN: Dealer's Den, Midwest Furfest 2012

WHAT: one character sketch, paid a little extra due to forced perspective

I've been attempting to contact Gunmouth in his streams (but he keeps extremely late hours so this is difficult) and over notes/shouts on his FA page to try and keep up with the sketch, which looked mostly completed at MFF but he was willing to take it home and work on it. I paid cash so unfortunately there's no paper trail. The last note I received from him was over a year ago: have been sending notes since but they're not being read according to FA. Three years is an insanely long wait but I don't know how else to get his attention. I mentioned it in the last stream I saw him in and he said he may have misplaced it. In any event, I'd rather a refund at this point.

Further proof (best I could gather):
Last note, unread, 4 months ago