November 6th, 2015

Artist Beware - Chuuchichu

WHO: Chuuchichu
May 2014 - Custom character design
When: May 2014
Proof: (Contains all the ones listed in this post along with a few extras)

Explain: In May 2014, Chuuchichu held an auction where she would design for the winner a custom character from her Nemu species. I won this auction at $220 ($227 overall with fees) on my side account, Celebibonbon ( My main is Vespisia. Details were exchanged via notes ( ( and payment was made ( We gave each other our Skypes for easier access (, and work was begun ( ( ( Progress was pretty good; I attended a livestream (I believe it was a Join.Me in the first week of June 2014 or so) and watched get work done on my character and it was nearing completion in just that one session, just needed a few more touches and shading done and some cleaning up to become fully completed. Chuuchichu sent me another note a bit later, inquiring about possibly scheduling a new livestream time to finish up the custom.

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Unfortunately, I dropped the ball during this part of the exchange, as I took several months to reply, during which time Chuuchichu sent me two notes that were follow-ups inquiring where I was ( ( This part was certainly my fault. I would eventually reply to her in November 2014 (, and as can be seen in the screenshot (, the note was read, but never replied to. Months would pass with no response, she had been fairly active before the advent of the custom auction, and afterwards, would be decently active, but I would realize in 2015 she stopped becoming active on DA and her many other sites around spring 2015 it seems.

In any case, on Deviantart, I sent her a note in June 2015, asking for an update ( It was not read. I sent her another note on August 2015, that note was also unread ( I recently sent her a note in October (, and that was also unread( I also left a comment on her profile in July 2015 (, asking for an update, which was also not replied to. At one point, an old friend of hers contacted me, asking if I might know where Chuuchichu was, because as mentioned previously, she had gone inactive. I replied I did not know, and she expressed sympathies concerning the pending custom, agreeing that it was not a fair deal to me. I also sent Chuuchichu a message on Skype in June 2015 (, which was never replied to. Other attempts included sending an email directly in July 2015 (, and even asking one of her old friends ( and a group she belonged to if they knew where she might have went, but no one had any idea. I began to think perhaps she had a medical emergency or something highly serious and time-consuming at the very least. But last night (11/5/15), I found her Pinterest (, and it turned out she was active. It seems to be her indeed, and she pinned things just a day or two ago. At this point in time, I am looking into filing a chargeback as multiple attempts to contact her on various platforms have all consistently failed, and she is clearly active.

To summarize,
1. $227 commission for a custom character paid and started in May 2014.
2. Last discussion and update was June 2014
2.A. Part of this was definitely my fault as between June and November, she sent a few more notes, but I did not reply due to stressors from 'real life.'
3. Note sent from me to her in November 2014, was read and not replied to.
4. More notes sent in 2015 (three total), they are unread as of the moment, along with an email, a skype message, a profile comment on DA, and inquiring friends and groups if they knew where she is.
5. Found her on 11/5/15 clearly being active on Pinterest.
6. Looking into filing a chargeback now since multiple attempts at contact have failed.

[Edit 10/11/15: I did not send the payment via gifts, I sent it through services, but yes, I did pay the fee for her. v_v Sorry for the confusion of my wording!

Also, I've contacted Paypal and my bank on the 6th of this month or so, and both said it was too late now to file chargebacks. Instead, they advised me to take this to the police and the BBB, so here's hoping. I will be calling Paypal back though to let them know about how she had originally asked to send the payment + fees via the gift option.]

Thank you for your time, everyone.

EDIT/Adding more:
On March 3 of 2016, Chuuchichu logged onto Skype and I was able to reach out and talk to her. She apologized and quickly issued me a full refund and was very respectful and mature in her handling of the situation and knowledge of receiving a beware. I consider the situation resolved now and believe Chuuchichu acted admirably and sincerely in her resolution.