October 4th, 2015

  • teskine

Beware: Jaggy

WHO: Artist: "Jaggy" /furaffinity/deviantart/

Badge trade, through notes on FA/spoke in person a few times.

WHEN: Discussed doing a trade at Califur in 2013. Despite getting my half done for them within a month, I have been fed excuses and given nothing despite waiting for two years, along with being ignored the last time I tried to contact them.

PROOF: Screencaps of notes will be hosted in the explanation, though I only have one note remaining from them (but most of their correspondence is still in the quotes on my replies thankfully.) I was lucky that FA's outbox notes were kept so long-term as compared to my often cleared inbox. While this means a lot is missing, I think there's enough to clearly support what's gone on here.

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Seeking people who commissioned me (Chronidu/CockatriceKing) at AC 2015!

Okay so this post may be a bit backward to what people are used to, but bear with me.

At Anthrocon this year I had my artbox lost or stolen at the very end of my trip, in that I lost $250++ in art supplies, but more importantly, I lost all my receipts and and commission files that I had commissioners fill out at the con.  I've spent months chasing the hotel/motels I stayed at and airports I used trying to get them to see if they had it incase it ever popped up, but repeatedly never got any responses from them beyond "we'll keep an eye out".

I had my phone number, address, email, social media links etc etc in it, but its clear someone prefered to keep all my art supplies instead.

At this point I have completed about a dozen AC commissions, the ones I could remeber.

This is where I need help, I suffer from memory loss and recall disabilities and I just cannot for the life of me remember or figure out who else commissioned me at AC this year and for what, so I'm hoping at least some of my commisioners will see this!

Also if you know someone who commissioned me and is waiting on me please send them my way!  I've responded to everyone who's contacted me since AC but unfortunately that was only a few people, and I don't have anyones contact info.

Fastest way to get a hold of me is through email at Chronidu[AT]gmail[DOT]com!

EDIT: Here is a list of commissons that I am aware of and/or have completed

Jinash - Minion badge (done this week)
Zippner - 2x Minion Badges (done this week)
Jigglemeats - 2x Minion Badges (done this week)
Narf - Minion Badge (done this week)
Honeyhooves - fullbody sketch (COMPLETE)
Astrozerk - badge (COMPLETE)
Deioth - badge (COMPLETE)
Wooty - Large badge (COMPLETE)
can't remember commissioner name -Jackelope Sketch (COMPLETE)
can't remember commissioner name - 2 bird transformation Sketches (COMPLETE)
DivineFrog - Badge??? ((let me know if this is wrong))
Badger - Full colour traditional piece - (IN PROGRESS)
Hida - Sketch - (IN PROGRESS)