September 30th, 2015

Fursuit help

I have recently commissioned someone to make me a suit and I am not etirely sure what to do. I will not include the name unless necessary. I basically have been waiting for this suit for a long time and have not yet received the rest of the suit. I have received parts of it but am still waiting on the rest. I have not seen pictures and I have been promised multiple times it will get shipped and I will see pictures. Not sure what to do here.

Advice on Client Miscommunication

I've had this happened more frequently than not and was wondering how to take action on cases like this.

Sometimes a client will give me artistic freedom with a theme for the image. I produce it, and it's not what they had in mind at all and want it redone. Usually it is sketch commissions or at the sketch stages that they find this out obviously, but by that point I've wasted time and effort. I don't want to have an unhappy client, but it's also not fair to me when I was given the freedom to do what I want.

Additionally, when a client leaves out a crucial detail and the sketch isn't what they were expecting. (In both cases, the edits usually require a whole new sketch.)

I don't want to fully refund them since they did get a sketch regardless and I feel it's on the client for miscommunication or not remembering the details of something they'd like. At the same time, I feel like refusing to redo the piece will cause them to request a refund.

Any advice or has anyone dealt with this type of situation and reached an agreement?

Thank you everyone for the advice! :D

I think in this case I will offer them a new sketch as a one-time only correction due to my lack of ToS -or- a partial refund. If they accept the new sketch I will use the old one as a YCH. In the future I will be making a clearly defined ToS to deal with this I think implementing several ideas you have suggested. ^^

I appreciate the help so so so much! It has made me feel much better about this situation and how to handle it if it happens again.