September 21st, 2015


I had a friend tell me I should sign up for this. and I've never heard of this service before.
and he explained it like this and I'm just copy pasting cause it made me snort.
A direct artist to client comissioning site for every type of artistic media
Its a mouthful to explain buut basically
"I do art like his and want money"
"I am looking for art like that and have money!"
And eliminates the middle man and countless searching.

has anyone else hear of this before?

Beware: Dirtymutt

WHO: Dirtymutt


WHAT: 2 character digital

WHEN: October 28, 2014

PROOF: see screenshots

EXPLAIN: There has been a lack of communication from him with zero updates. He has provided me
with zero wips or even the finished commission he says he has finished. He
hasn't responded to me since April regarding my commission. In between waiting
he disabled his FA user page for sometime in February which sent up a red flag
for me. Has has re-enabled his user page but is continuing to ignore any
communication on the art he owes me.

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