September 6th, 2015


WHO: LocoSaltInc


WHAT: Four character full-color commission

WHEN: Mar 17. Asked for status or refund at June 2. Received a reply of LocoSalt stating to refund me "sometime" after Anthrocon. Never received a reply since then. Sent another reminder on 24th August, and a final one on the 3rd of Sept.

PROOF: Three screencaps:

EXPLAIN: It's really quite simple. I requested a rather big commission, and have had three others join in on it. I paid $80, and the two others paid $40 separately. In the first screenshot, you can see her commenting "got them all", verifying she's received all payments. I can additionally provide proof of payment if deemed necessary.

After waiting for a very long time, I have sent a question regarding when my commission will be worked on. (1update.png)
I have received a reply, where she states to give me, and possibly/probably the others, a refund. (2reply.png)

After sending her two reminder emails with no reply I am forced to merely post an artist-beware bit as to warn others that once you pay LocoSaltInc money, you're likely to wait either a very long time for your picture, or never receive any requested refund. (3reminders.png)