September 4th, 2015

Beetle Giggle

Advice wanted: Fursuit parts late, family troubles and stressed commissionees

Back in March this year, I needed some fursuit paws and feet making quickly for an event, as my others were worn out. The event was about 2-3 weeks away which I know was real short notice, but I asked around a few Facebook groups anyway. A fursuit maker came forward, while she wasn't well known and her fursuits not super top notch, I only wanted paws and those looked fine. I even checked on here to make sure they weren't listed ( they weren't).

So I went with them, I sent payment and materials to them and they got to work. However, issues started to arrise. The dye for the resin wasn't adhering to the claws. Then the event passed and I didn't have my suit, they apologized and we set a new deadline.

Then when I'd ask for updates ( I wasn't getting any regularly) I'd be told their dog had died, I'd feel bad and leave them for a bit. Then it would be a family member who was severely ill. Now when it's stuff like this, I think you'll agree it's hard because you don't want to call them out if they're upset. It's manipulative as heck.

I was about to ask for an update as she'd given me " They'll be done in 2 weeks" message only to see that they'd apparently been robbed of some value items. Oof.

I have only seen two photos of my items. One phone photo of a pair of unclawed paws and a pair of paws - in the wrong style, mind- wrapped in ductape. This was back in March/April.

At this point, I really just want to go to another fursuit maker as I've had people offer to make them for me at conventions when they found I was without suit.

What should I do, just keep pressing them for updates or ask for a refund and the unfinished item to be sent to me?

Should I AB them?