August 24th, 2015

Looking for some Help/Advice

Hey A_B. I'm looking for a bit of advice about a potential job. I'm not sure if I want to accept it or not (or if I'm really qualified), so I'd like the community's advice on how to proceed.
Someone has approached me about being a storyboard artist for an animation/show they want to produce. They saw an animation I'd done for a contest and some of the other work I've done. I flat out told them I do not have the skill nor patients to animate anything for anyone. They said that was fine and they'd like me to be a storyboard artist instead. I was still hesitant because I wasn't sure how much work it would be/would I be able to do a good job. I said I'd send them some samples and we'd go from there. Part of the reason they want me to work on the project is that the characters for the show are based off of horses that the both of us work with. They feel like I'll be able to better portray them since I know how they act.
They emailed me back and asked for my take on the characters in question (5 in total). I sent back two clean and colored sketches in the style they'd seen (I chose to do sketches encase the thing falls through and I haven't gone through a lot of extra work). They messaged me back with links to some other images I'd done and asked for it to be in /that/ style. The problem is, three of the five images were collaborative works with another friend (who did the lines and I did everything else), which are a lot more realistic than what I do/can do. The other two were the same style, just lined rather than a clean sketch. I let them know about the collaborative ones and said I'd fix the two I'd done so far.
My first question is, is it standard to send kinda final products like that for samples? I feel hesitant to send such completed work because if they don't wind up hiring me then I have kinda put in work I didn't need to. The lines themselves I can reuse for some personal stuff, so its not like it is a complete waste, I am just not sure what is the norm.
My second question, is what /is/ the norm for this type of work? As of now, they haven't mentioned exactly how payment can/would be. Does that come after they see my samples? Outside of the five they asked for, I'm not planning to do anymore, but for future reference was that too many? I'm concerned that if she's asking for lined products she'll expect lined products later, but storyboarding is supposed to be quick, so clean sketches are what I'm expecting I'd product either way.

Any advice (about the situation or what to do in general) would be greatly appreciated!