August 6th, 2015

Advice on a trade? kinda weird situation

I was buying fabric from this one person on facebook, we discussed price and colors they had, they said they could include extra fabric lying around for some extra price, well my refsheets were about the extra price and suggested if i could do art for it, sayign that i would start after receiving the fabrics since i did pay partly with money and my school was ending making me busy to do drawing at the moment.
They agreed and sent me the fabric, it arrived to me about 2 weeks later and i informed them about it. But since school ended i had to return or buy my computer and because of billing issue i didnt get the computer but almost month later, i used my moms computer at the meanwhile, sketched up her ref and showed it to her, saying that i would continue to line it when i got my own computer back.

Then i got my computer back and messaged them to resend me the refs since facebook didnt show previous message histories from that far for me and got no answer.
Then i posted comment on one of their facebook posts about it and wasnt replied to.
Now when i went to look bit after they had blocked me (black name and cant click on profile)?

And facebook was only place i knew them on!

So long story short, She finished her alf of the trade, i cannot finish mine because of references missing and her blocking me :/
Any idea what to do? :_: id feel awful if they accused me of not finishing the trade when they disappeared on me

Edit, found the references, ill be finishing the front half and then tryign again for people to direct me to the owner since her facebook account has totally disappeared