July 28th, 2015

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Commissioner Beware - 100percentamazing

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/100percentamazing//
WHAT: Full color commission with two characters - $60
WHEN: Requested June 10th; completed June 20th

EXPLAIN: The request for the commission was placed in mid June, and upon starting the commission, 100percentamazing provided me with a PayPal Cash Card number and informed me to withdraw the amount from that. When I contacted PayPal customer service, they informed me the card was empty with no funds on it.
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The image was completed and received approval on June 20th, with the comment that they would "pay when I'm able"
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When asked again about it a few weeks later, they informed me that they would pay on July 11th.
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On July 10th, they wrote telling me payment would be delayed.
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When pressed, they were unable to give any idea on payment time or a time frame.
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When confronted that I felt they had no intention of paying, they wrote to me that it was my "own fault"
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Use caution when dealing with 100percentamazing and it is recommended not to do any work before getting full payment.

Auction Trouble (Advice)(Answered TY!)

Well I need a bit of advice with the situation that transpired. I'm leaving names out of this and its more for me.

There was an auction for an adotpable. I wanted it so I sat there because it was going to end pretty soon. I didn't know the owner disliked snipering but I did it. There weren't rules posted on the auction or any information reguaring this. (Or any rules or any thing really. Just the picture, ab, sb and end time.)

It ended and then the auctioner after it ended said they didn't like snipering and then increased the time for the auction.

Normally I wouldn't have said anything but there was no rules posted that this would happen. According to what I know that the auction ended when it ended. There was no rules or information reguaring that they could increase the time for any reason. There was nothing. So I wonder if it is illegal to do something like that. Increase the time of an auction that has already ended/ progress.

I can't picture that flying well in the normal auction laws or rules. Wouldn't as soon as it struck the end time become legally mine? Also even doing this during an auction already in progress? Would that be illegal?

(There was no sniper guard posted. Or I wouldn't have said anything in first place. I respect sniper guards because I would have agreed to them at the very begining of the auction.)

I figure as soon as you post in an auction you are agreeing to their terms and services but there was no terms or services posted anywhere or even linked to the auction. So I feel a bit cheated and wronged but am I in the right or in the wrong? Because this felt just like a spur of the moment change. I didn't agree to spur of the moment changes. I agreed to what was posted and that was nothing.
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Lost Contact - Pugodrunk

I commissioned Pugodrunk (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pugodrunk/) on June 29th, 2015. This was an in-stream commission for a two-character sketch, which was finished that night and at the end of the stream they told me they would send the file along to me. Since then, I have had no contact with them despite sending them a note on their FA account, as well as sending an e-mail to their PayPal account and attempting to contact them via their Tumblr account. Though, to be fair, I'm not sure if that last one went through or not, as I'm not sure how you can verify such things via Tumblr. They are quite active on their Tumblr account, with their latest posts dating to July 25th of this year, but I have heard nothing back from them. I'm not sure this really warrants a beware, as they did finish the art and all they have to do is send it to me. Besides which, their FA account hasn't been active since I commissioned them so I have no reason to believe they are deliberately ignoring me. But I would love to know if there's some other way I can get in contact with them. I don't want to harass them, but I would like to have them send me the art I paid for.

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WHO: Linka/Linkaton-furaito

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/linkaton-furaito/

WHAT: Partial refund (Difference of basic template and subscription price, $35)

WHEN: Template subscription paid for on January 4th, request for refund and reminder notes in May and July

PROOF: Proof of payment: http://i.imgur.com/VsKQbIN.png
First note requesting refund and response: http://i.imgur.com/gZR2wct.png
Reminder and response: http://i.imgur.com/XhH4Vdu.png

EXPLAIN: I bought Linkaton's lineart template subscription on early January. It was promised that there would be monthly updates with at least 7 new items in each update. (Details seen here: http://i.imgur.com/Y30fkhM.png) There were a couple of journals regarding the template being delayed for personal issues and I was sympathetic. After a while, however, it got to a point that I felt I had paid for something I was not receiving and may not, as they had suggested in journals they may have bitten off more than they could chew with their queue being the size it was. After several months with no updates, I asked for a partial refund. They apologized, said I would have my refund, but that it may take some time to get back to me. (May 15th/16th) I waited for a bit, noticed they had been posting several notices for commissions, a MYO adoptable event, various streams, etc. I noted them again only to receive yet another noncommittal response. I'm unsure of how else to proceed, as I've been told by others that they're also awaiting things from this person (some back from 2013) and I'd really just like to get this taken care of.

EDIT: I received my refund. This can be marked as resolved.