July 27th, 2015

selling art to minors?

hi all, i need some advice!
i have it stated in my TOS that i require my commissioners to be over 18(regardless of content) because of paypal's policy. however, i know it's possible to use paypal if the account is under a parent's name, but doing business with someone who doesn't own the account makes me pretty wary. i put this rule into effect after i recieved a chargeback on an adoptable from someone who's dad was apparently charging back ALL of her commissions, and i didn't want to find myself in that position again.

the only problem is that i really don't have a way to tell whether or not someone is underage unless they have it listed on their profile, and i have no way of telling whether or not their paypal account is -their- paypal account, so i'm not really sure how to enforce that. should i just allow minors to commission me(sfw, obviously) and hope for the best? or use my best judgement? i'm curious as to how my fellow artists deal with this and whether or not a lot of you accept commissions for minors, and how nsfw artists make sure their clients are of age, too.