July 23rd, 2015

Beware: Frindle (Resolved)

WHO: FA: Frindle: , Twitter: @FrindlesArt

WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/frindle/

WHAT: Hypnosis Icon

WHEN: Commissioned back in March 2015

PROOF: Click Here

EXPLAIN: Commissioned Frindle back in March of this year for one hypnosis icon when they opened for them via a journal they posted. After about 2 weeks of waiting I sent a note asking about the status. The message was never responded to.
After that I waited quite a while (3 months). I saw that Frindle had a large commission queue so I was patient, but I did not see my name on their queue so I sent them another message asking about it.
Proof of message and response

I was satisfied with the response so I waited again. This time for another month. I checked a few times on their queue and saw that my name was never put there like Frindle said they would do. So I messaged them again.
Convo Part 1
Convo Part 2

In convo part 1 you can see Frindle asking me again if I ordered via Google Docs. They've asked me this question before. In convo 2 Frindle says they will reimburse me fully and have my icon done by the end of that week. (Which never happened)

I sent Frindle a message 2 days ago asking if they were going to ever reimburse me, and they responded by telling me that they "couldn't afford to reimburse me"

Its way too late to file a Paypal dispute on this matter so there's really nothing I can do.
So I'm now screwed out of $21 and an icon. Do NOT ever commission Frindle!

A refund was issued - 7/23/15 @ 6:28 pm
Proof of refund