July 21st, 2015

problem sleuth ♚ really now?

anonymous bidding? possible ban evasion?

hey all! i have... a bit of an issue that i'd like some advice on, if that's okay!

recently, i accepted a small commission from someone who sent me their paypal in a note specifially because they wanted to keep it private. while normally that's not an issue, the paypal email looked a lot like a name i had seen on here before, and who last i checked was banned from FA, but since it was such a small commission i let it slide that one time.

however, they recently contacted me again asking if they could anonymously bid on an adoptable of mine, which combined with their message from before seemed a little bit suspicious. the adoptable in question had already been claimed, so nothing came of that, but now i'm concerned about potential future business with this person, and if they're possibly evading their FA suspension and purchasing art when, if this is the person i'm thinking of, they're not exactly the best person to do business with (even if i haven't had a personal issue with them yet) and owe other people art and money (i think??).

thanks for your time!