June 28th, 2015

  • corghi

Refund Advice

So because this isn't directly artwork related I'm not sure if it'll be accepted but almost two months ago I listed up my marker collection for sale and someone offered to buy it. We settled on $350 for the set but because they didn't live in the USA shipping for all of the markers and accessories was going to near $80. I offered to refund excess shipping if there were to be any.

They paid me $300 out of the $430 and then communication dropped. I kept asking them for updates, when they could pay, and they apologized and said soon. I kept seeing them bid on things and buy things though. I was getting a bit frustrated and eventually they tiptoed around the idea of a refund. I offered to mail out, and include the shipping on the amount they already paid for but they tiptoed around that and went back for the refund idea. While it wasn't direct, I knew what they wanted. I kept seeing them buy things, buy adoptables, they were active but I felt primarily ignored.

It was decided to relist my markers for sale and refund them the $300 I make from it but a lot of people were suggesting I only do a partial refund. I also bought art from them in February and have yet to see it. I thought about refunding them the $300 minus shipping for the art because I am just so frustrated.

I'll admit, I'm really upset at this situation. This was someone I thought I could trust with a payment plan and sadly I have to somehow manage a way to refund them a lot of money. My markers aren't selling as quickly as I thought they would.

I am trying to remain professional with this person but honestly I am just really let down. Any advice on how to handle this situation? Am I being immature? Is a partial refund out of the question? How much WOULD I refund them for what I feel was a complete waste of my time?