June 18th, 2015

Niji - Monster
  • adzuki

Beware: Tatertots

WHO: Tatertots / Furhouse

WHERE: Ad on Furaffinity. Actual Ad. The Art

WHAT: A former commissioner used an image they purchased in October 2014 in an advertisement without permission, refuses to remove the advertisement.

WHEN: I discovered the ad on June 13th.


I'm not at all happy about doing this write up, but at this point I don't really know what else to do. In a way I want to get ahead of this thing, as the last communication with Tatertots seemed to imply that they may attempt to smear me for standing up for my rights as an artist.

While browsing, Furaffinity one evening.I noticed that an advertisement that had my art. I hadn't given anyone permission to use my work in an ad, so I was worried that someone might have taken my work from Tumblr or Google and posted it up on their ad. Following the link from the ad, I discovered it was actually a person that had commissioned the work in October.

I contacted the person on the journal the link went to. The advertisement was for some chat site, but I do not feel comfortable with my work being used without my permission for something that has 18+ on it. whether or not it was adult oriented.  I admit, I felt heated and very upset, but I was not trying to be aggressive when I confronted the person. Conversation

After that, they deleted the conversation tree on the journal and left a shout on my page.

So I sent a note, trying to explain to them how paying for a commission isn't the same as buying rights to a work. The use of 'hun' and condecending tone really bothered me. While I probably came off as snippy as much as I tried to keep a cool tone, I don't enjoy the final note of how I will lose work because I stand up for my rights. Notes.

So far, I have gotten nowhere when it comes to FA admin. I made a TT, noted Dragoneer, emailed the furaffinity advertising, sent a tweet, and emailed Dragoneer and have gotten zero response over the course of almost a week.

I admit I am very upset about this. I didn't want to make a beware, but I feel like I have no real other choice in the matter.

Update June 23, 2015: Today after getting ahold of Sciggles, I finally received an email from Dragoneer stating that the ad in question has been removed and I'm being compensated. I do hope this doesn't happen again. For now I will consider this resolved.