June 4th, 2015

  • dithka

I need some advice?

Hello, this is my first time posting on this site, and it's linked to something personal, so I apologize if I make any mistakes or seem scrambled/disorganized.

Awhile back, on February 24th 2015, I got two original characters from my partner.
They sent our partner and I (a poly relationship, fyi) a link to the big collection of characters that they were selling. They said that I could make three drawings of their character, and a bunch of roleplays with them.

I stuck to it, and I had made two drawings, and was partially in with a big roleplay that they said they wanted to do, and would work better than a bunch of small ones.
Though, before I could finish, they started to become extremely toxic, manipulative, and abusive. So they started to harass me on my art profile, and told me "you don't deserve to have my character on your page" Getting me to remove the drawings from my profile.
I won't go into detail, but eventually they got me to accept them back,
and after that I asked if I made one more drawings, if I would get the characters.

They responded with "Yeah??? They're yours" and "You don't have to draw me anything"

Only around the beginning of march did I finally get rid of them. So I feel as if they will think that now that we are separated, and that they dislike me, that the characters are no longer mine, and instead, theirs.

So I need advice on what to do if they demand the characters back, try/succeed to sell the characters again, accuse me of stealing, and/or claim them as theirs.
I'm hoping that even though what they did to me is hard to talk about, that they will stick to their word and let me keep what are now my characters. Though, after their behavior on my page and other behavior personally, I have a feeling they will not be happy about me keeping the characters as my own instead of giving them back and will lash out sooner or later.

Important note: I have already made a collection of my proof of ownership that they most likely had seen, which may have discouraged them on harassing me about them, but it is still rough around the edges due to them hiding the first contact about the characters.