May 24th, 2015

Wiggle Bob by Dude-Over-Here

Lost Contact: xSugarPill

Hi, I posted about this literally over a year ago, and I have to post about it again unfortunately. I commissioned xsugarpill on furaffinity, specifically Saturnine (the account is shared by 2 artists) on February of 2013 for a $30 traditional bust. I paid, and shortly after they disappeared from the internet posting a journal about a temporary leave. I posted a lost contact entry here after what I considered to be an excessive wait, and they got back in contact with me a few times and showed me progress. The last message I got from them was a little under a year ago, June 2014, and I haven't seen or heard from them since.
I know for a fact they had a long list of commissions when they went offline and that's part of what concerns me and frustrates me about this wait, because there's a possibility several other people have been in the same boat as me for what is literally years (I talked to at least one other FA member who is still waiting and unable to contact them), and I just want to either be able to find them or find somebody who's in contact with them/knows where they went. Last time I made one of these they replied and that was the only thing that allowed me to get back in contact with them, so I really hope this actually helps people get the art they're due after so long.

(With a wait this long I'm worried something pretty major might have happened and I honestly hope the artists are ok, but I have no idea what's been going on and that's what so frustrating/worrying.)