May 18th, 2015

Beware : Naomy

Who: Naomy


Issue: Commissioned SFW Friend pose with a friends character for a gift, Received Mature Couples Pose.

Further explaination:
I got a commission from Naomy on the 6th May. The commission cost $15 as it was a two person piece, which was a gift for my friend. I requested the image to be a SFW friend pose. I paid them the same day and waited 5 days before receiving the commission (They tend not to do w.i.p.)

What i received is completely wrong and unusable, the characters are in a NSFW pose with all the bits showing. Both me and my friend were unimpressed with this and requested that she change it, but all she did was remove the bits leaving the pose untouched and mature in nature. Now i understand that she DID do the work, but the mistake was on her part, and i know she read the comment for it to be SFW because in her excuse she commented a quote that was DIRECTLY after the statement stating that was her idea of "sassy and cutesy" friendship.

Since then i have requested a refund as it was a mistake on their part and they refuse to change the image, and my friend noted them requesting them to take the image down as her mate would not take kindly to the image. She has declined to refund and the image is still up with over 300 veiws. This only annoys me as she posted a bunch of commissions today, some of them being SFW friend poses....

I suggested maybe she could re-do the commission or something else to make up for the money, instead of refunding as she declined as the effort was put into it which is fair enough. However neither i nor my friend are comfortable with the image she put up and i'd not like to feel like i wasted money on art that makes me cring and feel shamed by the trouble it's caused my friend every time i see it. It was meant to be a gift, not an issue that my friend, who has a boyfriend, dislikes and doesn't aprove of the position her characters in with mine.

She has read the message reguarding the comprise suggestion and has stopped all communitcation since, the image remains up even though both of us has requested it be taken down.

Commission Notes =
Payment =
NSFW Image (with Fix she was willing to do) =
Changes Request = (Hyota not Yuna, whoops)
Refund Request =

Clearly, according to the last gyazo, She has refused to do anything about the hiccup she made with my commission, so i have Decided to Post this AB, not to say she's bad at what she does, but if you are looking for sfw, i'd suggest looking else where. especially if its with another character. She has done SFW before, and she probably still will, but i refuse to take the risk again as she does so much NSFW its easy to mess up commissions and then refuses to fix the mistake made on her part.

Hope this helps anyone, even if it justs encourages you to put more detail into what you want, but i like peoples creativity on my art, little bit of artist freedom, as long as it follows the very limited requests i ask for atleast.

Edit: Naomy has currently commented on the picture itself, showing a print screen of the comments my friends posted asking her to remove the image, further proof she HAS seen the requests and finds it amusing that we cant do anything to have it removed. Print screen has been made incase she hides comments~

Edit: Fa Staff are looking into things to have the image removed. (Removed 2nd June)

Edit: Paypal ended my claim on the 26th May, Decided in my favor and i will be receiving a full Refund. (received 26th May)