May 16th, 2015

Advice on lack of communication

So back in January I had paid an artist $200 for a reference sheet on my character. They had agreed and what not and the last response I got from them was "Got it!" at the beginning of January basically meaning they got my payment. A few days after, I realized I had forgotten to mention some details I wanted on my commission so I emailed the artist just to let them know and asking if the changes would be alright to add. No response. I figured maybe they were busy or something and considering I had sent them a few emails about the commission before, I decided it'd be best to hold off and let them contact me. A month goes by and I get no response. I decide "Well its been a month, wouldn't hurt to send a follow up." So I did. Another month goes by with no response. Wasn't sure what the issue was. I decide to do another follow up. Again no response. At this point I'm getting a little irritated and upset mainly due to the fact that I'm seeing this artist post pictures on their twitter account as well as a few other drawings so they have internet access but then are my emails not going through or am I like being ignored here? So after this next month goes by I decide why not try reaching out through the websites. So I decided to try on DA asking if everything is alright because I haven't heard anything in a few months. I finally get a reply back towards the end of April and a WIP sketch of my reference sheet. He apologized for the late reply but doesn't really say why. I looked it over and thought of a couple changes I would like made and sent that back to him. Coming up on a month again with no response.
I mean does anyone have advice on how to deal with this kind of thing? I've come to the point where I'm thinking he's probably ignoring my messages. Hell I've even left him a message on Twitter since he uses that so much, and yet I still get no responses. I was really looking forward to getting art from this person, but now I'm just very frustrated.