May 15th, 2015

Art trade: how long is too long?

So, I'll try to keep this brief: I'm asking for advice on an art-trade.

I was approached by a user at the beginning of February to trade an adoptable-design that I had in my gallery for some art that they would make in exchange. I initially agreed to the trade because the design had been sitting in my gallery for a while and the user seemed very enthusiastic about using the character.

However, it's been several months now and the promised piece of art has not yet been delivered. Now, seeing as this was just a trade, I've sent a note asking about how it was coming along, but I wasn't too fussed about it being finished by a certain deadline as I can understand life can throw curveballs. However, both times that I've checked in throughout the months I've been waiting, they've told me they lost all info related to the trade and I've had to re-send it twice now. Again: I wouldn't be to fussed about this, if it weren't for some troubling entries I've read on A_B here in the meantime.

They have been nothing but friendly to me, but the A_B-entries don't sit well with me. So what I'm now wondering is: is there a way to cancel the trade (as they haven't delivered the art, nor used the character yet) without it blowing up in my face? Should I trust that they'll eventually finish the art or (worst-case) just eat the loss and chalk this up as a leason learnt?