May 14th, 2015

Beware: RachVerity (resolved)

Rach Verity, rachykins

trello with an insane backlog:

Digital art

First discussion on June 20th 2014, agreement and payment on june 25th 2014. Still waiting on art or refund.

Initial agreement on a journal post: Relevant bit:
Confirming through note:
Payment: (I actually gave $75 because I got a deal on the regular price of $100 and felt bad about it)

EXPLAIN:Collapse )

TL;DR: Asked for a character sheet to be done as fast as possible. Did nt get it. Cancelled it after quite some time because I wanted that char sheet and went to a different artist. After waiting for the refund for a while, I offered her to do a wing-it instead if that was easier. Got neither refund nor wing-it.

EDIT June 1st: Got a wing-it, I think this can be considered resolved