May 5th, 2015

Do I have to accept a refund?

Long story short, I bought a charecter and now the orignal owner is wanting them back. They offered a refund, however I have since gotten art and such of them meaning I'd be almost losing money? Anyways, I don't want to give the character back. I said no and then they continued to ask. Do I HAVE to accept a refund in this situation? And if they go ahead and send one anyways, what do I do? I'm mostly worried about getting a bad name as a charecter theif or something of the sort.;

Resolved: Stellacat123

WHO: Stellacat123, Furtasticstudios


Stellacat123 and I decided to trade premade items. I traded him a yellow and orange set which considered of ears and a tail. He was supposed to send me a rainbow wig.

WHEN: We agreed to the trade sometime around March 12th. My half of the trade was shipped roughtly 3 days later, but I have yet to recieve my part of the trade.

Trade Agreement and address exchange:
Proof of shipment:
Proof of my packages being held:

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