May 3rd, 2015

Advice on seeking partial refund

So I'm in a bit of a situation that I'm not sure what to do about and would really appreciate any advice on how to proceed with it. Long story short, I signed up for a subscription base pack that was promised to be updated with new items once a month until next year. Due to personal issues and their commission backlog, the artist has not produced any updates for it in three (going on four) months. I understand that things get hectic and real life likes to kick you when you're down, however I feel as though I'm not getting what I paid for and with the repeated delays I'm a bit concerned that the project may end up dropped completely. A friend suggested I ask for a partial refund (the difference of the subscription price and the starter set) since none of the extras of the subscription have been completed/sent out. I've been considering it but I'm unsure if this would be crossing the line or not, and if I should just remain patient until the updates do get completed whenever that may be.

Edit: It completely slipped my mind to update this, but I noted the artist about two weeks ago asking for the partial refund. They apologized and agreed to refund me, though they said it might take a while to get to me.

Edit 2: I sent a note asking again about a month ago, still no refund. @_@