April 30th, 2015

Terms of Service refinement

Hi all! This isn't really a post for me but for my wife whom I'm helping to make a TOS for her new craft business. One of the parts I'm struggling to word is a policy for repairs and defective products as well as her refund policy. In short, it's like this:

If a product arrives damaged or is defective in some way that was not made aware before shipping out, the buyer has two weeks from when it arrives to get in touch with my wife to discuss repairs. If the repairs are reasonable in that they don't cost the same price as the product to fix, the repairs will be made at no cost and the item will be shipped back. However, if the price of repairs is equal or greater than the original purchase price, a refund will be issued for that amount and my wife will keep the product to either sell at a loss or use for parts.

My wife also plans to only start work when the full amount for the product is received to minimize wasted time/money/effort if a buyer doesn't pull through. However, things can happen and a refund policy is essential. Her idea was if the supplies were bought but the project not started, they get all but 15% of their money back. If the project was already started, they would get all but 20% of their money back.

Do these terms sound reasonable? The products she's selling are no less than $160 and do have mechanical parts/LEDs that can be finicky.