April 27th, 2015

Advice on how to proceed

I will not mention the artist by name right now, as they may just have a lot of problems. The circumstances of these problems seems a little convenient to me though.

Back in June 2013, I commissioned an artist for a traditional marker piece that was to be sent to me by mail. I sent the money shortly after (can't remember if I used the gift option :-/). They said it might be a little while, but I didn't mind.

In July I asked for a update and they said they only had two smaller pieces before starting mine. In September, I asked for an update again, since I hadn't heard anything and the note went unanswered. I tried to contact the artist on Tumblr a few times as well during this time. After not hearing a reply, I intended to ask for a refund through a comment on their profile, only to discover they'd posted a status a few days before, explaining that they'd lost internet connection and their notes stopped working. They then replied with a note to me a few days later with a WIP, which I liked and told them to proceed. Although I was a bit surprised that so little progress had been made since the last update.

I waited many months and tried a note again in January but was left unread, I saw them being active on DA and Tumblr, so I thought their notes were just not working again. I saw other people getting increasingly impatient in comments to them and they weren't replying. On February 2nd, they posted around 5 drawings, saying they had around 30 in all that would be uploaded within the next few days. Excited, I waited, but after a week, nothing more was uploaded. Seeing as they had replied to a few other comments, I figured their notes just weren't working again, since my last message went unread, so I commented on one of their pictures asking for the rest, but never got a reply. On February 16, they uploaded around 5 more drawings. There hasn't been anymore since.

I felt like I had been scammed, and so had others, who started commenting on their profile. I also had to make a public comment on their profile (I felt really bad about this ):) since their notes might not be working, and I let them know my intentions of making an Artist Beware and I'd like a reply to my comment within two weeks. The two weeks passed with no reply and I let them know I would be making the beware.

As I was gathering evidence, I was contacted by one of their friends, that let me know that they just hadn't been able to reply due to only having sparse internet. I let them know that I've tried both notes, comments and Tumblr, but the friend insisted that neither were working for them and even though I told the friend the artist had been frequently online (they were online one hour ago as of me writing this), they also insisted that it was just a website bug. However, we agreed that if I send them my address, they would get it to the artist for them to send my picture by mail.

Now the question remains: Should I give my address to this complete stranger who knows this artist and apparently knows how to contact them? Should I wait for them to get back online? Should I make an artist beware on them? Or should I just drop the issue and call it a lost cause? Advice is greatly appreciated :)

EDIT: Yesterday, they finally uploaded a piece! But I still got a problem with it, seeing as it's a SFW bookmark that looks completely different from the WIP, and I ordered a NSFW "halfbody/fullbody with simple or no bg".

EDIT 2: I've gotten in contact with the artist through their email and we are working things out. The bookmark thing turned out to be a misunderstanding about an additional free bookmark. The actual commission is still not done, but I got a WIP showing progress, so I'm confident it will be done now :)

Help...? Possible beware?

Hello there friends! Please forgive me if I do something wrong... I have only posted to this site once before but never regarding a Beware/possible beware.

Back in February I posted a YCH auction. The winner was prompt to pay and sent over his references. I have never drawn a character of this species before so I was excited but scared as well! I did not want to deny him though because it was a rare opportunity to draw something non furry.

Time passes and I continue to work on things. I send him a WIP of the image to make sure that he liked it. Then he redline all the errors that he sees and I proclaim "Wow! Okay thats a lot! Ill fix him up and have him done by next week!". Sadly next week came but I did not yet have him finished. I was leaving for Japan for three weeks so all art had to be put on hold. I made sure to contact all my clients and let them know. The person in question never replied to my note.

I finally return home from Japan on March 25th. I take some time off from art due to jetlag, trying to get back into the right schedule, and also a few other stressful issues. I finish his image on April 2nd and send it to him. He thanks me for the art and my efforts.

He posts the image to his gallery and also posts it to Facebook(uses it as an icon also) and adds me as a friend on there.

Today I was scrolling down through Facebook and came across him and the picture. Someone had commented saying how they wanted to get an image from me. The person in question said that they "Would not suggest doing that"
and that I "Had a bit of an attitude when it came to edits". He also said I was "Unresponsive"??? He also said that I kept putting other YCHs ahead of his. This i have no proof of but I will admit I most likely did. I will admit my faults and apologize!

After reading this I was in shock! I commented to him apologizing and trying to figure out exactly when he felt I got an "attitude" with him. I had no intention to upset him! I was just hoping we could discuss the situation like adults so I could better understand.

He never replied. Instead he deleted my comments(If you can do that on facebook? Either way the comments are gone!),removed me from his friends list, and HEAVILY edited his previous comment.

I have screencapped everything! From the facebook comments to our notes through FA. I feel bad that he is upset with me. But I am confused as to WHY he keeps using the image if he had such a bad experience with me?

is this warrant to a Beware? Am I just being silly!? What should I do...
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Advice: Artists with bad reputations?

Hey guys, I recently commissioned someone and a lot of people, and I mean a lot, have warned me that this artist has a bad reputation with not doing owed artwork within a timely manner (we're talking more than six months - years) and I paid a heavy sum of money and I'm incredibly nervous, and even not handing out refunds when requested.

I'm not impatient, but hearing this news has me quite worried. I refuse to be taken advantage of and just wondered what to do about it.

Do I wait it out til Paypal's dispute is ending (I didn't send as gift, thankfully) or do I hope for the best and hope that my transaction goes smooth? Am I just being paranoid? I've paid a month ago and haven't heard anything from the artist since. When is a good time to ask for updates?

Thanks you guys.