April 20th, 2015

Silabub Kitty

General Advice Needed on Setting up and Using Patreon

Hello everyone, I hope this post isn't too redundant but I would really love to see some discussion on Patreon as it's still pretty new I think to artists as a whole and I've seen some artists have great success with it, and others struggle to get much out of it.

I would really like to set up one as an artist ( I already have an account there but have only used it to be a patron of someone else ) but before I do and go broadcasting it on my various art galleries and social media, I want to have something in mind set up that is both beneficial for myself and my future patrons.

For those utilizing Patreon, what do you find to be the most beneficial rewards to offer? At what tiers? How often do you give out those rewards? How favorable are the responses to those rewards?

What kind of premium content have you been offering or uploading to your Patreon? What types of things ( WIPs, private streams, full-res, etc. ) have seemed to have gotten you the best response/interest in your Patreon?

I would really love to hear from others already utilizing Patreon ( and even from people who are patrons who would like to speak and say the kinds of perks they love having as a patron ) and think it may be a very beneficial discussion for the community as it's still pretty new to a lot of us :)

Thanks so much in advance!