April 14th, 2015

Sketch commission: How long is too long?

Okay, so I have recently commissioned an artist that opened up for sketch commissions about a month ago. I commissioned them March 22nd, after my boyfriend had gotten one from them.

Now normally I wouldn't be too worried, but there are a couple things that are bothering me.
1) When my boyfriend commissioned them (app. a few days before I did) he got his within a day. I'm nearly going on a month.
2) Constant Tumblr posts. I mean, constant. Like nearly every hour. They doodle for themselves and for others, which wouldn't bother me, but when I poked them around the 2 week mark asking for updates, they replied back to me with the general gist of sorry, classes are taking up most of my time.

I really don't want to ask for a refund, because I do want the art. Their style is very nice and it was only $10.

So I'm really asking, how long is too long to wait for a sketch commission?

Note: It's a full body two-tone sketch.