March 29th, 2015


Beware: Holy-Nova, Pilgrimme

WHO: Holy-Nova on FA, pilgrimme on dA


WHAT: Two YCHs (your character here) I got from her on an auction.

WHEN: On november 2014 I won two of Holy-Nova's YCH slots, payment was sent immediately & these were delivered on December 12th, 2014.

EXPLAIN / PROOF: The YCHs I won were a collab between her & other FA user (whom I've had already commissioned in the past & I have nothing but good things to say about them, great service!), but the entire transaction was handled by Holy-Nova.

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The finished product was pretty cute & I was happy when I received them, however, there was a mistake with both of the pieces (one of the characters was supposed to have black hair but on the picture it was light grey as the rest of his body, and the second character should have heterochromatic yellow/purple eyes, however, on the picture both were yellow.).

As an artist I realize these mistakes happen so when I asked if the pieces could be corrected & she said yes, plus since the changes were small & very easy to make imo, I was happy & confident waiting for the changes to be done. I also had asked for something anatomically I felt it was off to be edited, but stated that it wasn't necessary. However the artist said she was okay with making the edit. [Screenshot]

Since then, three months have passed without any kind of contact from her. I've sent a few notes & a shout asking for progress, one of these notes was read but not replied to & the rest of my messages have gone unread. [Screenshot]

Her FA account also shows activity during january, when one of my notes hadn't been read, meaning I was/I am being purposely ignored. I was also recently linked to her DA account, Pilgrimme, [proof that it's her] which shows current activity from last 5 days; her journal states she's quitting dA & is not leaving any means to contact her either, although I'm honestly past the point of wanting to chase her around to receive the product I paid for, I think I have been patient enough. [Screenshot]

So, even though I did receive the pieces & they were to my liking, not only I'm not 100% comfortable with having them because very noticeable aspects of my character's designs are wrong, I feel their part of the transaction was never completed because the errors I brought to their attention were promised to be fixed, yet instead I was stuck waiting while being blatantly ignored since last year.

(edited for LJ cut, I hope it works!)

The Snowed One

Artist Kannos

Kannos / Kannosart / KannosWD

WHERE: (IB - consider NSFW) (IB - consider NSFW)

Two Character Realism Auction (IB - consider NSFW) - Total Value $876.39USD (750USD+126.39USD to cover all Paypal processing) - Bid won by Baybea whom was bidding for TheSnowedOne


Full Color Character Reference Sheet for Baybea - Total Value $320.94USD (275USD+45.94USD to cover all Paypal processing)

Commissioners involved:
Baybea - (IB - consider NSFW)


TheSnowedOne -

Baybea's Full Color Character Reference Sheet paid for on the 4th November 2013.
TheSnowedOne's Two Character Realism Piece paid for on the 13th November 2013 - Bidding Agent Baybea

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UPDATE - 2015-04-11: The account "Kannosart" on IB has been determined by IB staff to be an impostor. Baybea has responded to a journal post by the original "Kannos" account to contact via email and is following up.