March 28th, 2015

  • fayv

Advice Needed: General Advice for "Great Business Practices" Panel

I am planning on developing a "Great Business Practices" panel to help new artists avoid beginner mistakes and problems.

The panel will cover basic information for TOSs, copyright, general organization, etc.

I would love some general advice/feedback that you all feel is essential for new artists to understand. If you could tell a brand new artist anything to set them up for success what would it be?

I would also really appreciate a few stories that you may have that you feel really teaches a lesson about introductory level business skills in freelancing.

If I end up using the material in the panel, I will not be using specific names, so your advice or stories will be anonymous unless you specifically would like your name to be used (at which point I'll take the discussion to PMs to work out the most suitable use of your story/advise/what have you)

Finally, if there's content that you may not currently know, or something which you deeply wish such a panel would cover, I am enthusiastically accepting suggestions or requests for the panel content.

The panel will mostly focus on artwork but fursuit building and other common businesses in the fandom may also be covered.