March 24th, 2015

Advice needed: Collaboration Gone Wrong

Hello everyone!

I apologize for any mistakes as this is my first time making a journal here but I am in a bit of a pickle.

I will not name names yet as this is not an artist beware but a question to help straighten some things out. I agreed to do a collaboration with another artist about 7-8 months ago. We had added each other on skype and they asked me to redo a pose they had in mind and could not draw themselves. I redid the sketch and gave it to them, we set up the auction. When the auction was over, they took the sketch to add in the details of the winners' characters. I did not receive the sketch until much later because I guess they had real life issues going on but at that time honestly I did not want to do it anymore but my fault for not saying it and thinking I was going to do it. I myself got busy and forgot about it.

A few days ago the other artist noted me saying the people were asking for a progress update. At that moment I told them "Actually I am choosing to refund the money once I get enough. I honestly cannot work with someone who has a problem with me and doesnt say anything but instead goes around talking trash about me. I do not appreciate it". To make a long story short, I found out they had a problem with me and was saying things about me. Apparently because I removed them from skype as I did not feel like we clicked, they took it the wrong way. I even said it was my fault as I do not talk to that many people on my skype, just close friends. I told them that they could reach me through notes if needed. They still believed I did them wrong. Which I am assuming led to them telling people how I treated them badly.

I researched and found who the auction winners were as I never knew. The other artist did not let me know and had took the auction down right after it was over. So I never got a chance but luckily with the reference sheets and some help I found them both. I noted them and let them know that I would not be collaborating with the other artist anymore. And I even refunded them both $50, as it has been so long and they did not really remember. I do recall receiving around 70 ish but I couldnt even recall myself but they both let me refund them and I apologized to them properly.

So here is where the dilemma comes in. The other artist still wants to do the picture as they do not want to refund. Alright that is their choice but I tell them that I am not giving them permission to use my sketch. They claimed the pose/idea was all them. I tell them they can claim the pose and idea but not use what I did. They tell me all I did was "refine" the sketch they gave me but I redrew it all together. And even if I "refined" it for them, it is still the work I put towards it. I told them if I worked off the sketch they gave me, then they need to use the original sketch that they did and not use any of the work I put towards it, as I do not give them permission. I am stuck here because they feel like they have every right to use what I did or as they say added. Is that true? I am still going through my files trying to see if I can find the sketch they said they gave me to work with. I just want to know your thoughts? And if I have any say?

Edit: Want to say this got solved, they said they have an original sketch on paper they did and will use that. I have not seen the sketch but I want to wash my hands of this matter!