March 23rd, 2015

Lost Contact: Kiu

WHO: Kiu (

WHERE: Furaffinity

WHAT: Painted bust.
WHEN: Beginning of June 2014

Payment proof:

EXPLAIN: I had watched Kiu after I saw a bust that she had done for someone. Sometime later she had posted a journal about being open for a bust slot, so I nabbed it. I was in the process of waiting for a ref from another artist of an adopt that I had bought earlier that week. Since I never received the ref after a few days, she messaged me asking if she would go with my second option. I told to Kiu go ahead with it.. That was the last that I ever heard from her. I have left her a note, a shout, and even tried to email her by the email address I received for sending money to her through Paypal.


I just want to get into contact with her at this point.

Edit: I turned off screening.

powerman2000 Commission unfulfilled


WHERE: Online/Interenet.

WHAT: Digital Art. 10 Page full color comic with added back ground.

WHEN: The initial conversation began through notes starting on March 2nd, 2013 details enclosed below (read from bottom to top).

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PROOF: Collapse )

EXPLAIN: I commissioned the above artist for a service, paid in full and never received the agreed upon comic. I did receive the subscription detailed in the deal to the artist's webiste, but that portion is small by comparison (and I cared little for it).

I fully recognize that in the last bit where I requested a refund that I could certainly be perceived as flippant or arrogant, however bear in mind that this was after 2 years of zero progress from the artist when the artist advised it would come in small deliveries. 2 Years is beyond a reasonable duration for the agreed upon terms and I feel as though I had been less than rude about the initial inquiries. In addition, the artist certainly had time to complete the commission as they were free to fulfill sketch commissions from myself.

As I waited patiently for the completion of my primary commission I report that I did commission the same artist several times for 5 dollar sketches .

I submit that the artist was perfectly capable of completing my initial commission and that I was not being unreasonable with my request for a refund or fulfillment of the commission. There were no extenuating circumstances that prevented the artist from doing my commission.

Please be advised of my experience and beware.