March 15th, 2015

Need some advice

So the biggest part of last year i was waiting for a slot of an artist and earlier this year it got one .
I purchased right away three high price commisions of her . Total around 180$ , macro theme

Two of those pictures were done allright .
The problems basicly began with the third picture .
So the sketches were okay but lacked the mayor playments of the background , its macro theme so where some things going to be .
I said that they were okay , wich they were for me ( basicly the character and pose more wasn´t vissible )
Later she asked to try out a nigth scene on it , i agreed believing in her .

It came as it should come .
The finished product wasn´t really of my likeing ( character was fine but the for the macro theme important bg wasn´t )
Not all the things that should go in it were made ( even one mayor one is amiss ) and the other direction were quite freely executed ( with a secound look fitting to the discription but in a way i´m not likeing it )

So i told her that i wasn´t pleased with the outcome but she refused to work on the finished picture .
I even offered her to pay for a redo of the background wich she tunred down .

Do i have to life with it or could i ask about compensation ?