March 14th, 2015

BEWARE: Skylar Young

WHO: Skylar Young on Facebook; I don't know of Furaffinity or any other place she offers her services.


WHAT: A fursuit costume piece; four-colored goat tail. There was no set completion time but it was said that the product would be started as soon as money went through, as seen in the screencap.

WHEN: Payment sent December 22, 2014, when it was promised it would be started in four days, when the payment went through. Still relevant now ( March 14th, 2015, at time of posting ).

Discussion of transaction, and me trying to contact them at all. I am Taxi Pony, any mention of her name is blocked out per community rules::

Paypal proof of payment::

Evidence of her continual activity since commissioning the tail can be seen just by visiting her facebook.

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