March 12th, 2015

Lost Contact: LakotaSilver / LakotaWolf

I hope I'm doing this right, I've never used LJ at all other than lurking and commenting.

A while ago LakotaSilver on FA (LakotaWolf on weasyl) commissioned me for four painted portraits. Three have been completed, but only one has been seen / commented on. Here's the other two.

(mild eye horror warning)

They mentioned on FA they don't check there anymore. When I asked if there was somewhere else I could contact them, the note was read but not responded to.

I've tried to contact them on weasyl, with no luck. I sent some messages over tumblr to their blog, but tumblr messaging is entirely unreliable, and the message either didn't go through, or was ignored. It's always hard to tell, unfortunately.

Can anyone help me get a hold of them?

EDIT: Found them! :D