March 8th, 2015

Warning: Do not do work for grifsnuff on Furaffinity

I hope this is okay to post here. I know there is a different community for art/name/character thieves, but this person is commissioning artists while they are pretending to be someone else.

Who: grifsnuff


When: March 7th, 2015


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Go Preds

Rubbertex Raccoon

WHO: RubbertexRaccoon


WHAT: 3-page comic ($120). An inflatable suit and a matching inflatable toy ($2400 for both to be paid in three installments: $800 down to pay for materials, $800 on completion of prototype, $800 on delivery - $1,600 paid to date.)

WHEN: Comic commissioned March 2013, the inflatable suit and toy commissioned in April, 2013.


Journal showing comic pages paid:

Original Agreement for the inflatable suit and toy:

Project delivery date showing target date of Midwest Furfest 2013:

First payment made on April 15, after timeline agreed upon for MFF. Second payment made in 2013 after initial concept sketch was finished:


I commissioned Rubbertex Raccoon for art, an inflatable Maximus Ursus muscle bear suit and a matching life-size inflatable muscle bear toy, all in 2013. All of the products were to be completed in 2013, but the only thing I have received thus far is the pencil drawing concept sketch of the suit. Rubbertex said in a PM he received the materials to build my suit and toy, but I have seen no evidence to support the claim. He said he would mail a swatch of the latex for my approval of the thickness and color, but that never happened.

He mentioned in later updates he is finished with the foam body so I could approve the size and shape of the muscles, but no photos were ever sent. He has also mentioned numerous times that his emails are often undelivered as spam because of the “rubber” part of his name, but I’ve never had any problems receiving emails from anyone. He has told this to numerous commissioners, including my mate, TonkaWolf, to whom he also owes an inflatable suit.

Here is the update from May 19, 2013 talking about receiving the materials:

And an update in February 2014 saying he is waiting for tools to arrive to finish the foam dummy for approval, as well as not yet having done the comic:

An update in May 2014 saying he is still struggling with completing projects and is having financial issues (none of which should have affected my commissions, since the materials were supposedly already purchased a year ago).

After several PMs and emails later, I told Rubbertex that although I would be disappointed with not getting the suit and toy, I would accept a refund of the $1,600 paid if the projects were not completed by December 31, 2014. I can’t find any documentation where we talked about the drop dead date, so it might have been via texts or something. I have had it posted on my FA profile since October 2014:

It is now March 8, 2015 and the projects still are not completed. Neither have the comic pages been completed, although Rubbertex has been doing LiveStreams fairly regularly since January, taking on all new work and completing that during the streams or shortly thereafter.

Rubbertex is now avoiding the problem by not reading PMs on FA, such as this one I sent 10 days ago (02-27) asking for an update on the refunds for Tonka and me:

Even though he is still doing sketching live streams (this one is from 03-07):

He is also looking at FA as he responded to one of Oz Kangaroo’s journals on 03-01.

I know Rubbertex is under a lot of stress and pressure and I honestly just want a refund of all of the money I’ve paid to this point: $1720. I would love to still get the items, but as far as I know, there are still at least 6 suits and toys in the queue before mine, so I don’t think it’s realistic that my projects will ever be done.

*****UPDATE: 07-15-2015*****

I received a PM from Rubbertex on FA, apologizing for not having the work done and saying he will give me a refund "within a reasonable time frame". I replied to him that I would still rather have the suit and toy, since he says "I'm taking a huge financial hit on the materials and labor", but I have not yet seen any evidence that the materials have even been purchased. I have tried to help him over the past few years to get his life and diet in order to reduce his anxiety, but it is up to him to change. our exchange is here:

The suit/toy building queue I mention is here:

Official ToS Review Post

For an artist, be you a hobbyist or pro; it is positively critical to have a good, solid Terms of Service (T.O.S.). One that includes both your rights as the artist and the customer's rights in relation to your services. Not only does this educate your customers on how the process works and what to expect from it, but it protects both of you in case something goes wrong.

In our first official T.O.S. discussion post, we discussed what to include in a Terms of Service, what constituted good terms, and what were questionable, shady, or downright illegal terms.

Now, once again; here's your chance to post your T.O.S. for critique. Don't know how to word a particular point you're trying to convey? Want to make sure your T.O.S. is fair for you and your customers? Need to make sure you didn't leave any gigantic loopholes? Link your T.O.S. here, and members can give you their advice.

This post can also be used to discuss any other questions that you have on your mind regarding how to build a T.O.S., maintain a good T.O.S. and how to make sure your clients read and agree to your T.O.S.

Before you post, please read through the previous T.O.S. discussions; apply what you learn there to your T.O.S., and then link your revised T.O.S. here for help polishing up.

Please do not post a half-finished T.O.S. and ask folks to rewrite it for you. Be prepared for honest critique!
[Click here for a run down on what to include.]A good 'break down' for a T.O.S.:
Artist's Rights
Client's Rights
Shipping & Handling

-When it comes to an artist's preferences for what they will or will not draw; simple is often better. You -may- list what you are not willing to draw, but it can get lengthy. If you're not willing to list, or find your list getting longer than your own T.O.S.; but do not might getting ideas pitched at you to pick from, a good solid "Commission themes are to be approved at artist's discretion at all times. Artist reserves the right to decline any commission, without reason." will help you out.

-When talking payment, the community majority is in favor of using Paypal INVOICES. Invoices give the artist control over how much money they're getting, when they get it, and the content of the invoice (in case you're afraid of what a client may write in your place).

-Fixes/Redraws need to have a firm hard limit set to them, as well as some suggestions to go along with them. Detail WHAT part of the process a client may (or may not) ask for fixes on, how many they get and if they go over that limit; what you will charge additionally for it. Also suggest the client wait a minimum of 24-48 hours (if you can afford that wait) to really find out what they want fixed or what they can live with, to the satisfaction of you and themselves.

-Tell your clients in the T.O.S. what you will not tolerate from them from the get-go. If you do not appreciate sexual advances/role-play/commentary; state it in the T.O.S. that you don't play those games and such behavior will not be tolerated during the commission process.

-Communication: State to potential clients how often you'll be in contact with them, or your comfort level in them contacting you for status updates, or where to look for updates if you use a service like Trello or keep a queue maintained on your blog/art site/etc.

-Remind your clients of your rights as the artist, that you own the artwork created due to copyright law. You have full publication/printing rights, but will out of respect to them ask if you can print their commissions for other purposes. If you give re-posting rights to your clients; state here and now where they can or cannot post to, if they have to use a watermarked copy you provide, etc.
-PRIVACY: State your policies (and applicable fees) on privacy of commissions, if you require permissions of secondary characters involved in said private commissions and the possible longevity of how long a private commission may stay private.

-Include refunding options, when a client is a allowed to back out, deposit fees (if building tangible art), etc. Just don't say 'no refunds, what so ever'.

Remember; the tips in the above cut are only the tip of the iceberg for a T.O.S. they're there to get your brain going on what to do. The Mods or even long time comm members will be absolutely glad to offer their two-cents on any other questions or topics you have come to mind, on top of the critique.

If you feel your T.O.S. is quite solid feel free to post it so others can use it as an example.

Artist Beware: randombelle and jl2154

Commissioner: Randombelle
FA: // DA:
Payee: jl2154
FA: // DA:

WHERE: Accounts listed above, primary contact through FA notes and Skype

WHAT: 2 Charge backs on 2 completed commissions (DEC)
3rd Charge back from account again on FEB 19th 2015

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Lost Contact: Cranked-Mutt

Alright... Not entirely sure if I'm doing this right, so I apologize now if I'm going about this the wrong way.

Anyway, 9 months ago, around mid-June, I commissioned a cell shaded waist-up from the artist on Furaffinity and lost contact with them after being hospitalized in late July.
I returned early September to find that not only had I not received my art, but that both their main, character, and boyfriend's accounts had been suspended sometime early August, judging from her last activity. Since then all my attempts to make contact through other sites have failed. I've had a LOT happen to me in this time, but I'd still really love a refund, or at least the art that I'm owed. So if there's anyone who can help me get back in touch with Cranked that would be absolutely wonderful and I'd deeply appreciate it.

UPDATE: I sent Sparsile an email explaining the situation. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well. Thank you all so much for your help!

UPDATE #2 It seems I'm not getting anywhere with Cranked-Mutt/Sparsile. The more I ask around on different sites, the more I'm finding that I'm not the first one to have done some amateur detective work on the matter. Despite everything she still claims to not be Cranked.

[Spoiler (click to open)]My first email:

Her reply:

Me pointing out the obvious and collected evidence:

This was a side note I forgot to mention, but I worded it poorly. I meant to say that I found it peculiar that Cranked had once been an original bidder after her character's design, then the design just happened to come into her ownership by supposed chance:

Her reply:

My response. At this point I was tired and hungry after a long day and pretty annoyed with the situation. I think I might have come off as being pretty snippy, but my friends said they didn't think so and that I was just being blunt and honest. I'll let you guys be the judge of that:

Her response and the last of the conversation:

I'm pretty much done with the situation. I just feel like she's dancing around the subject and at this point I don't really have the patience to deal with it.
The money I lost isn't worth the headache, but I do hope the people who take the time to read this will take it as a warning and be careful so they don't have to go through the same kind of trouble. I don't take kindly to being played a fool and the more digging I do, the more people are coming forward and outing her bad behavior.

My experience with the person in question wasn't a good one, but I want to thank everyone here, on DA and FA who've spoken up and helped me. It means a lot to know that there are supportive people in the furry-fandom and the art community as a whole. Gives me faith.