March 7th, 2015


Beware: Quila-Quila

Whelp, things did not improve after my advice post, so here's a full beware about the artist.

WHO: Quila-Quila


WHAT: A fully coloured/shaded digital piece with background, of two characters. Agreed to $45 - $25 up front and $20 was to be paid upon completion.

WHEN: We agreed to the commission, and I paid, on the 24th Jan 2015.

PROOF: Messages read bottom-up: Agreement to commission
Proof of payment received
See "Explain" for everything else.

EXPLAIN: I commissioned the artist because her art style was lovely, and I felt it was a great price for her work. She quoted me a 2 week wait, so I left it for about 3 weeks before becoming suspicious. There was no contact at all in those 3 weeks, nor did I get sent any WIPs. At the third week, I sent a reminder just asking how it was coming along, and got a confusing reply. Apparently my commission was completed at the 2 week mark, and she had sent it to me, but only now had she gone to check that I had received it all. Seems odd considering that if that were true, I would have owed her the final $20, and she had made no attempt to chase me up on it. Anyway, she said she'd post it on her break that day and that was cool by me, so I left it. It didn't get uploaded, but I thought that something may have come up at work and she wasn't able to get online, so I waited five days, which I think is plenty of time. At that point, I noted her again saying I couldn't find it anywhere. She read this note, but didn't respond (see the note title - it's un-bolded, meaning 'read'). I noted her again and simultaneously opened a Paypal case, because I didn't want to risk her running off my money, and I thought it may help re-open communication with us. She replied promptly at this point, promising both my art and a refund. She apparently did the commission on her friend's phone. I thought this was odd, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt so I trusted her. Although I didn't want the refund if I got the art, she said it would be up during the week of the 25th Feb. Nothing was uploaded. Or perhaps I should say, my commission wasn't uploaded. She did upload some other, personal art though. I was absolutely fed up at this point and sent my latest note, telling her that I want either my art or a refund by the end of this week. So far I have heard nothing, and the note has not been read. Also of note, in that message you can see her previous message sent the same day, promising that she'd borrow her friend's phone to upload it that night. That never happened, either. If I have nothing by tomorrow, I will be escalating the case to a claim and taking my money back. I feel like it has been dragged on long enough, and that I've received a lot of empty promises about when my art will be uploaded. Considering it's supposedly finished, I'm not sure why she keeps promising deadlines and then not meeting them, without much of an apology either. I feel like I have been very, perhaps too, understanding in this case and I've been walked all over. I think I'm partially to blame for not being more firm to begin with, and I regret that.