March 6th, 2015

Sparsile - Character Theft & Attempted Sale

Please don't harass her (don't think you would, but yanno, gotta say it).

WHO: Sparsile / Kowasenai (lol)


WHAT: My character, Anne (bought from AugustAmnesia, see below):

(x-paste from FA ticket)
My character was blatantly stolen by user Sparsile and then offered as an adoptable.

On Thursday, February 19 at around 5 PM EST, I refreshed FurAffinity to find one of my characters on the frontpage. I originally thought it was gift art ‘til I clicked it.

It turns out that user Sparsile had ripped my character’s design from the character’s creator, Fayleh’s, page. She is a “fan” of Fayleh’s art so it makes sense she retrieved the reference from there. Links to it can be found below.

She then took the design, complete with accessories and hairstyle (which I would not have minded if the colours and markings weren’t the same), and made extremely minimal changes to it. She turned her hip spots into triangles, unwrapped the bandages on her tail, and hardly modified the facial markings.

She took the submission down a couple min later because I had linked everyone in the comments to my OC.

The original character, created by Fayleh, that I own:
Its update to the current, more refined design, that I still own, by Fayleh:

Proof that Sparsile stole the design and submitted it to sell it: | (not whole screen, but all my really-mad-gyazoing could do at the time)

Proof that she simply changed the colours from my original character to the adopt using hue/saturation:

The character was bought by FA user Novaka1n (Novakain on from FA user AugustAmnesia (August on on the website's forums months ago as a gift to me, Jansither on FA (Clovette on

Proof Novakain bought this character for me: (it does not have the image, but it is "unnamed Fayleh character", as seen here on the topic it was originally sold:
August, the original owner, created an album of all its artwork for me to use: |

Proof I am Clovette:

Proof I have had it much longer than the date Sparsile posted the rip-off adoptable: | |

I admit that I acted a bit childish at first, but I’m sure any of you with endeared characters can understand.
(Green is me, red is Sparsile. Janscyther is my dA where these images are hosted.)
(Links from note, in order: | | (x2, link)
Last contact:

She took no credibility for the theft, even though it was blatant. She sent me a cruddy redesign of the character, though in essence it was still the same thing. She did, in the end, take the character down and did not post another design with the same colours. That’s not the point, though; the point is that she stole my character and tried to profit off it.

She is still selling adoptables a lot, so please, please be careful – I would hate for anyone to buy someone’s OC, or anyone’s OC to be sold. I am lucky I caught this when I did.

There have been no updates, besides her posting journals that I have been "harassing" her, since this happened. She has hidden everything that so much as suggests she was in the wrong.

Thank you.